Remarkable Insight On Your Superpower's Unlocked Potential

Many are not self-aware or conscious of emotional intelligence's power over them. Understanding your emotions and developing your emotional intelligence is a skill you can learn in my new book, The Power of Emotion.


What's your superpower? Without a doubt, it's your emotional intelligence!

Remarkable Insight On Your Superpower's Unlocked Potential, Linda Marshall Author

A great deal of research highlights how our emotions are critical to enhancing overall life and work satisfaction.

Emotional intelligence (EI) is a hot topic these days and not just a short-lived fad. You can find numerous books and articles on emotional intelligence; however, more rare are those that deal solely with the practical side of enhancing EI. My goal in writing my second book, The Power of Emotion, was to provide a practical guide to strengthen readers' EI. By sharing lessons I've learned and how harnessing EI's power has enhanced my life and benefited my clients, I hope to inspire you to do the same.

Unique Ways to Develop Self-Awareness Skills

My work in emotional intelligence is both diverse and extensive. As a thought leader and certified EI trainer, I conduct one-on-one coaching, small group training, workshops, EQ-i 2.0 Self-Assessments for leaders, workplace self-assessments, and EQ 360: Multi-Rater Assessments. Over the years, what has become apparent to me is that many of us are not as self-aware as we believe we are. Self-awareness is a crucial EI personal competency and necessary to increase EI. Having strong EI promotes better communication and relationships with others and positively affects the quality of our lives. And so, I have written this book not just to impart this essential concept but also to provide you with the means to increase your emotional intelligence.

To help meet that end, I have included anecdotal research - the thoughts and expertise about emotional intelligence I've gathered from interviewing top leadership professionals across Canada. I'm incredibly proud of the result and so appreciative of the value it adds to this book, The Power of Emotion.

The Power of Emotion: A Practical Way to Learn About Emotional Intelligence

The book format encourages practical learning and includes 30 chapters on topics associated with emotional intelligence. Chapters also feature "What I Know to Be True," personal illustrations and insights on each chapter topic, followed by a segment called "Looking in the Mirror," designed to encourage self-reflection. Near the end of each chapter, you will find EI-related exercise strategies to develop your skills. Readers are encouraged to journal their thoughts and experiences as they complete each chapter.

How to Develop Skills to Become Self-Aware

Do you ever wonder if you're even coming close to reaching your potential? One way to investigate this question is to become more self-aware. 

You can quickly develop your self-awareness skills. As you work your way through the chapters and exercises, your emotional awareness will increase. You will become more self-aware with a better understanding of how you can influence others and the world around you. The remarkable power of your emotion will become evident, and you will come to appreciate that the ability to modify your behaviour is solely within you. 

Your emotional intelligence is a superpower that can push you to the next level to become more self-aware and develop your full potential. Doing so is a choice; perhaps what makes emotional intelligence so profound–it's a superpower always within reach. And it's life-altering if you choose to reach for it.

I sincerely hope this book opens your mind to the power of emotion and that you choose to embrace and hone that influence so that it impacts your life as positively as it has mine.

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The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author

The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author

The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author


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