The Silent Power: Unveiling How Communication Drives Success

Communication is an instrument that evokes emotion, brings people together, builds relationships, and inevitably determines the quality of interpersonal connection. In my book, The Power of Emotion, I share why effective communication is a vital component of emotional intelligence and often the missing link in most conflicts and the key to every resolution.


The Link Between Communication and Success 

Linda Marshall Author article, The Silent Power: Unveiling How Communication Drives SuccessMany need to recognize that the spoken is not our primary means of communication and is integral to advancing our emotional intelligence. We typically use several communication methods, including non-verbal, written, formal, informal, and visual, far more than the spoken word. Without question, understanding and utilizing these communication methods is essential to the success of our relationships.

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Our Natural Communication Styles

Our communication styles are unique, and they influence our relationships. Becoming familiar with your style will strengthen your communication and impact those around you. Our emotional awareness supports our interactions with others, too. Therefore, the more reliable our self and social awareness, the more competently we can examine the emotions and behaviours of those around us. Our observations improve our intuition and strengthen our relationships. Remember that your temperament and personality are vital elements of emotional intelligence that guide how you connect and communicate with others. I speak about this in more depth in my book.

Understanding the Impact of Your Body Language

Body language is vital in conveying what you project to others and how you interpret what others project. It's remarkable how much we can discover just by observing our surroundings. Our body language influences our communication and reveals what's happening inside us. Our posture, eye movement, hand gestures, facial expressions, and emotions communicate vital messages. Undoubtedly, our non-verbal communication often speaks the loudest. 

The more aware we become of our body language, the more likely we will use our emotions appropriately. When our body language matches our feelings, we are "walking the talk" and applying aspects of our emotional intelligence to enhance our relationships.

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How Active Listening Improves Relationships

Active listening helps accurately translate what we hear. By genuinely listening, we relate authentically and can develop strong, lasting relationships. Listening is much more than just hearing the collective words. It's about focusing on the person speaking, paying attention to their word speed, volume, and tone. 

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Detect Emotion Through Your Sense of Hearing

One of the best ways to identify others' emotions is through facial expressions and eyes. However, a new study suggests that our sense of hearing is even more substantial than sight. I found this research accurate when interviewing Canadian leaders by telephone for their insights and expertise on Emotional Intelligence in my book.

Being acquainted and using various methods of communication is paramount to your overall success. Including first encounters. Here's the thing: first impressions matter, and they affect communication. Often, you get one opportunity, so use it wisely. Use your emotional intelligence to put your best foot forward to develop relationships. Be sure to get your copy of my book, The Power of Emotion, for more actionable insights and tips for becoming a successful communicator.

This article was originally published on November 16, 2021, and has been updated (January 2024).

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The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author

The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author

The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author


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