How to Instantly Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

You can invest in something that will positively impact your life; I highly recommend you choose emotional intelligence. In my book, The Power of Emotion, I demonstrate the value of strengthening emotional intelligence and its influence in life.


Learn How Emotional Intelligence Will Better Your Life

How to Instantly Improve Your Emotional Intelligence, Linda Marshall Author

Without question, we all have a degree of emotional intelligence. Some are more aware of it than others, and some practise emotional intelligence skills more than others.

Why Invest in Emotional Intelligence?

Once individuals realize emotional intelligence's positive impact on our lives, including how it supports our well-being, helps us understand the emotions of ourselves and others, and strengthens relationships, they're hooked. They realize the benefits, including how it affects our influence on others and are willing to invest time in developing their emotional awareness.

Are We Born With Emotional Intelligence?

The jury is out on this question, are we born with emotional intelligence? Some feel we are, and some say we aren't.

I believe that we aren't born with emotional intelligence, which is interrelated to nature and nurture. From the nature perspective, we grow and become more independent, relying less on others to meet our needs as we evolve; most become empathic and more understanding of others. 

From the nurture standpoint, we grow from life's challenges. I often say it's "the school of hard knocks," where we learn hands-on emotional intelligence components: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

The good news is regardless of whether we are born with emotional intelligence, it is a skill that can be learnt and taught and will positively change the trajectory of our lives.

Fostering one's emotional intelligence takes a great deal of time and commitment.

How Important is IQ in Your Life?

Growing up, my parents constantly reinforced the value of a good education. Of course, all through my formative years' teachers nailed the importance of it home on every possible occasion. I have never questioned the value of a high IQ (intelligence quotient). I know IQ is significant, but I also know that our EQ (emotional quotient) is equally or more important.

To be successful in life, we need both EQ and IQ.

Here is How to Improve your Emotional Intelligence

I, like many, consider EI to be a superpower. You will instantly improve your emotional intelligence just by reading my book, The Power of Emotion, and it's a game changer. You will learn ways to grow your influence and build impactful relationships with others.

Here are several other ways to start the ball rolling on improving your superpower:

  1. First and foremost, you must develop self-awareness to reach your potential.  

  2. Take an EQ-i 2.0 Leadership or Workplace Assessment to learn your emotional strengths and weakness. You will become more self-aware and discover your Emotional Quotient (EQ) score.

  3. Develop a growth mindset. Your mindset significantly affects the success of your day and life.

  4. Get to know your emotions and how they impact your life and life of those around you.

Throughout my book, The Power of Emotion, I explain how vital emotional intelligence is by sharing a practical guide to increasing it. As you work through the chapters and exercises, your emotional awareness will expand, opening your life up to this amazing superpower.

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The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author

The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author

The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author


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