Is Your Mindset Providing You With Optimum Results?

Our mindset and emotional intelligence affect how we think and, ultimately it determines our potential. I shared the power of our mindset in my book, The Power of Emotion.


Find Your Power And Get The Most From Your Mindset

Is Your Mindset Providing You With Optimum Results, Linda Marshall Author

Many fail to recognize the significant role our mindset plays in our life.

What is Mindset?

Essentially, our mindset is a group of thoughts and beliefs that form our thought habits; it’s our frame of mind. Through our perspectives, we process and review actions that shape our emotional experiences.

Focusing on my mindset has positively impacted my life. Through this process, I’ve managed adversity, become more self-aware, increased my emotional intelligence, and further developed my growth mindset. I discuss this at length in my book.

Emotional Intelligence And Growth Mindset Are Connected

The good news is we can grow and advance our mindset just like our emotional intelligence. Our self-awareness helps us become more emotionally aware, which assists us in regulating our attitude.

Accepting a growth mindset is not only possible; it’s desirable for many reasons, including as a tool that develops resilience.

What Type of Mindset do You Have?

There are two types of mindset to consider; fixed and growth. Without question, you want to embrace a growth mindset to be successful. Someone with a fixed mindset believes, “I am what I am,” but with a growth mindset, the belief is, “I’m capable of anything.” Undeniably, the way we think impacts the direction of our lives.

Individuals with a Fixed Mindset

Those with a fixed mindset think their intellect and abilities are determined. They focus solely on their performance, believing their skills are restricted. They tend to dodge challenges and quickly give up. Often, they select the safest choice and are okay with settling instead of striving for more.

Individuals With A Growth Mindset

Individuals with a growth mindset are concerned with self-improvement and are open to possibilities. Self-care and the care of others are a priority. These people trust their accomplishments are immeasurable and consider each challenge a learning opportunity.

If you adopt a growth mindset, you will discover optimum results. It is a driver of success and will influence your personal development. I reflect on my personal experiences in chapter 21 of my book, The Power of Emotion.

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The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author

The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author

The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author


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