How Your Drive to Succeed Influences Your Success

Why are some people more successful than others? It is their achievement drive, and there's a strong correlation between success and achievement drive: one will often influence the other. In my book, The Power of Emotion, I’ve explored this topic in greater detail. In it, you'll not only learn about achievement drive, but you'll also dive deep into topics relating to emotional intelligence.


Achievement Drive Impacts Overall Success

How Your Drive to Succeed Influences Your Success, Linda Marshall Author

Today, let's talk more about this drive to succeed, including characteristics of high achievers, why some people have a higher achievement drive, and what it means to have an increased need to achieve. This superpower can take you to the next level to develop your full potential.

Characteristics of a Strong Drive to Succeed

First, let's look at some of the common characteristics in people who fall under the category of high achievers:

  • They tend to have high values.
  • They strive for improvement and are continually raising the bar for themselves (daily)
  • There's a strong desire to complete a task or project to the best of their ability.
  • They have a yearning for accomplishment, mastering skills, and being in control.

Intrinsic motivation drives these personality traits. That is the persistent and constant concern with setting and meeting high achievement standards, all of which are essential factors on the road to success.

(During this discussion, it's also important to touch on how a high drive to succeed can overlap with perfectionism. So, take a look at this post next to help you understand the downside of perfectionism)

Why Some People Have a Higher Achievement Drive

Now that you know a higher achievement drive is often linked to more success, you're probably wondering why some people have a higher drive to succeed than others in the first place.

We need to acknowledge the "why" behind the drive to succeed to arrive at that answer. If you understand the factors that can boost your drive to achieve, you can take control and use them to your advantage! The need for achievement is also known as N-Ach. It's a term first used by American psychologist Henry Murray and promoted by the late David McClelland, an American psychologist known for his work in human motivation.

McClelland found individuals with high N-Ach want to be recognized for their achievements. They enjoy challenging work that allows a significant amount of independence. What makes them this way? There are several catalysts for individuals having higher sources of N-Ach, including parents who encouraged independence in childhood.

(Discover all nine catalysts in my second book, "The Power of Emotion." Grab your copy here!)

Is Your Drive to Succeed Set in Stone?

Let's say you read those catalysts of a high drive to achieve and realize most don't apply to you. Are you destined to have a low achievement drive? Absolutely not!

The good news is we can learn to increase our achievement drive! And, ultimately, our overall success too. Yes—you can develop your journey to excellence by setting achievable goals and recording your accomplishments daily to track and measure your results. It's part of lifelong learning and having the personal desire to reach for what you truly want in life.

Does your mindset provide you with optimum results? Take a look at this post next to find out! You'll find several actionable tips for improving your drive to achieve in my new book, The Power of Emotion, including setting aside time to reflect on what "excellence" means to you. You'll also get several actionable tips relating to emotional intelligence, harnessing the power of emotion for success, and much more.

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The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author

The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author

The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author


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