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In my book, The Power of Emotion, I've provided valuable insight into our emotions' power on both ourselves and our team. Understanding that and increasing our emotional intelligence and self-awareness will ensure we achieve greatness. 

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Just How Important Are Emotions In Our Life?

Unquestionably, our emotions are very valuable to us, our family, and our team members. Many fail to understand the extraordinary power of emotion and how it affects our interactions and ability to connect with others. So much of what we do, from managing our behaviour, feelings, and social skills to making personal decisions, are impacted by emotion. When we invest time to increase our self-awareness and become familiar with our emotions, recognizing, understanding, and managing them, the outcome is life-changing.

Self-Awareness a Critical EI Personal Competency

Self-awareness is a critical emotional intelligence (EI) personal competency necessary to increase our emotional intelligence. Having strong EI promotes better communication and relationships with others and positively affects the quality of our lives, including how joyful we feel.

Now more than ever, many organizations invest in Emotional Intelligence training for their team; it's a hot topic and not just a short-lived fad. Considerable research highlights how our emotions are vital to enhancing overall life and work satisfaction. You can learn how to develop your emotional intelligence in my new book, The Power of Emotion.

Ways to Become More Emotionally Intelligent

Increasing and harnessing emotional intelligence impacts personal and professional lives positively. I can attest to this as I am a certified EQ-i trainer who works with many organizations to support their teams. I accomplish this through a variety of options such as:

Your Superpower - the undeniable strength of our emotion is a superpower that supports us in developing our full potential and path to excellence. As we improve our self-awareness, there are noticeable gains in our emotional intelligence, which affects our interactions with others, including team members. If you want to increase your emotional intelligence, be sure to read The Power of Emotion, A Practical Guide to Making The Most Of Your Emotional Intelligence: a thought-provoking book with numerous practical EI strategies.

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