Inspiring Self-Management Benefits

To be the best version of ourselves, we must focus on self-care, well-being, and the way we manage our emotions. In this article, I've gathered some insights from my book, The Power of Emotion, that will help you learn more about the types of self-management benefits that can aid in stress management, inspire motivation and help to strengthen your emotional intelligence.


The Benefits of Self-ManagementInspiring Self-Management Benefits, The Power of Emotion, Linda Marshall Author, Ontario, Canada

Self-Management Strategies

Before diving into self-management benefits, let's first review some helpful self-management strategies:

  • Sharing your goals publicly

  • Visualizing your success

  • Focusing on what you can do rather than what you cannot

  • Managing your perspective

3 Incredible Self-Management Benefits

#1 Handling stress effectively

One of the most incredible benefits of working on self-management skills is developing more resilience to life's stressors.

With the help of self-management, we can positively influence our lives by focusing on the things that are going well and accepting that life isn't perfect. Being mindful, we'll encounter daily challenges that most often will pass, not linger, which is a strong strategy for positive thinking and part of our self-care. As we strengthen the way we manage ourselves, we increase our emotional intelligence.

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Remember, even if you can't control the situation, you can manage your perspective to influence your emotions.

However, if you focus on restrictions, you will feel demoralized and possibly helpless, negatively affecting your well-being.

Train your brain to take a closer look at each situation to distinguish your ability to influence it. Once we let go of the things out of our control, we reduce the amount of time spent ruminating and worrying. Instead, we'll appreciate and embrace our many freedoms. I speak about this topic at length in my book, The Power of Emotion.

#2 Motivation

Another self-management benefit worth noting is how it can motivate us and drive us toward reaching our goals.

As for how to accomplish this, making your goals public is a great place to start.

Making your goals public is a winning self-management strategy. Setting a goal signals you're committed to achieving a new level of excellence.

There is no question that information is power and sharing your personal goals with others is a delicate balancing act that can leave you feeling vulnerable. But the self-management benefits it comes with are well worth the risk and can positively impact your well-being. When those you select understand both your goals and action plan, they are in a strong position to inspire you and hold you accountable until you achieve success.

(Relationship management shouldn't be overlooked either. Read more about it here.)

#3 Advancing your skillset

Finally, self-management also boasts the benefit of helping you advance your skills and habits. Using visualization for this is particularly powerful!

As you become more self-aware and know yourself as you actually are, you will be better prepared to regulate and control your emotions. Visualizing is necessary to form the neural pathways required to advance your skills to habits.

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What you see with your eyes and picture in your mind challenges your brain to distinguish between real and abstract. Research shows that MRI scans done on individuals watching the sunset are virtually the same as scans done on those visualizing it in their minds.

For example, hockey players visualize success as they head with the puck toward the net. They see the puck going in the net as they swing to hit it. They use this strategy as they prepare for games. Most of us visualize regularly; we just aren't aware we are doing it. Keeping visualization positive will help us stay calm and prepared.

Remember: we believe what we tell ourselves!

Experience These Self-Management Benefits Today

Do you want to dive deeper into these self-management benefits or learn more about putting these strategies into practice to enhance your self-care and well-being? Or are you interested in learning more about all-things emotional intelligence? Grab a copy of my book, "The Power of Emotion," here.

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The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author

The Power of Emotion Book, Linda Marshall Author

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